Safety Seal

The Safety Seal Certification is a voluntary certification scheme that affirms that an establishment is compliant with the minimum public health standards set by the government and uses or integrates its contact tracing with staysafe.ph.

Covered Government Establishments
The following are the offices/establishments covered by DILG as issuing autority
Local Government Unit
DILG / LG and Interior Sectors
How Online Certification Program works
Visit Safety Seal Online Application Manual (https://safetyseal.dilg.gov.ph/agency/guide) for more details.
Step 1 : Register
Register to Safety Seal and register Department/Office/Building
Step 2: Self-Assessment
Request Certification and upload MOVs
Step 3: Verification
Issuing Autority verify the request/MOVs and conduct random onsite visit
Step 4: Generate
Establishment may download and print the certificate and post in entrance
Complaints Handling
For any complaints on the implementation of the Minimum Public Health Standard (MPHS) in the establishment,
please call/ send a message to the respective Issuing Authority.
Issuing Authority Complaint Hotline/s
DTI DTI Direct (1-384)
DOT feedback@tourism.gov.ph
or DOT Hotline (1-386)
DOLE 1349
DILG Public Assistance and Complaints Center
Telephone: (892) 50343 | (892) 51144
Globe: (0927) 422 6300
Smart: (0931) 384 9272
City/Municipality Public Assistance and Complaints Desk (PACD)
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