The Safety Seal is a physical manifestation of the compliance of an establishment to the Minimum Health Public Standard by containing the spread of COVID-19.

It is issued FOR FREE to the business and public establishments compliant with the public health standard and can be renewed every six months.

LGUs will be creating their Inspection and Certification COmmittee/s to inspect the establishment. The team is composed of the following:

  • Head of the City/Municipal Business and Permit and Licensing Office, as Chairperson;
  • City/Municipal Health Officer;
  • City/Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Officer;
  • Chief of Police, PNP, or his duly authorized representative;
  • City/Municipal Public Information Officer;
  • Such other officials may be assigned by the local chief executive


Establishments shall do a self-assessment based on the applicable checklist. If favorable, an application is made with the Issuing Authority for an inspection. Establishments can apply online via the issuing authority's microsite.

The PNP/BFP shall join the inspection upon request of LGU especially in inspecting public places.



During regular monitoring, the inspection teams shall determine the eligibility of the establishments on site.



The Issing Authorities shall conduct surprise inspections of the establishments upon receipt of complaints from the public.

The public is encouraged to report establishments granted with the Safety Seal that violates minimum public health standards through these hotlines:

DTI DTI Direct (1-384)
DOT feedback@tourism.gov.ph
or DOT Hotline (1-386)
DOLE 1349
DILG Public Assistance and Complaints Center
Telephone: (892) 50343 | (892) 51144
Globe: (0927) 422 6300
Smart: (0931) 384 9272
City/Municipality Public Assistance and Complaints Desk (PACD)
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